Johnson & Johnson
Select Simple Glucose Meter

Johnson & Johnson’s Global Strategy and Design Office handles all internal design of Johnson & Johnson products—including OneTouch, a blood glucose monitoring products.

In 2010, OneTouch wanted to launch an affordable alternative glucose monitor that could meet the growing needs of a diabetic population outside of the US.

Roles throughout project: illustration, graphic design, and user interface design

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Instead of just giving results as most meters do, OneTouch wanted to provide an easy way for users to gauge what their results meant. I was asked to look at exploring how to communicate ‘range’. What was unique to this problem was that the goal is to keep users within a range, rather then from low to high, or good to bad.

Focusing on the type of information that users need to access, I provided some solutions by expiring color, shapes, and eventually landed on the design that was ultimately used.

exploration of visualizing the concept of range
showing explorations in context

launched Jan 2013

creative director: lisa nugent
project manager: miya osaki

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