Neutrogena is a beauty and skincare product company headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. In 2011, Neutrogena began a push with its Natural line to introduce products that strove to use pure and natural ingredients that did not incorporate harsh chemical synthetic compounds but achieved results via bio-nutrients that works with the skin’s natural functions. In developing the marketing materials for the product’s, Neutrogena needed a way to visually convey some of the nutrients that were essential to the Natural product line.

Role: illustration and graphic design

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Core to Neutrogena’s brand and culture is the science behind all the products—and something they desired to communicate. Building on this brand value, I proposed creating visuals or illustrations of molecules combined with images of the source of where these nutrients were coming from, whether it was willow bark or aloe. Starting from all of the key elements, we narrowed down to sugar as being the representational molecular structure.

sugar molecule

graphics on naturals webpage

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