Art Center College of Design
Digital Media Kiosk Display

Digital Media was a department at Art Center College of Design that specialized in engaging practicing professionals to lead workshop style sessions at Art Center College of Design. The types of workshops range from animation classes to environmental design for gaming environments to digital film correction. To raise awareness class offerings, Digital Media decided to make an interactive touch kiosk that would be placed in key spots throughout the campus using an iMac with a touchscreen accessory.

Roles throughout project: creative direction, animation, interface design, and flash programming

Visual content was provided by Art Center College of Design

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The primary design challenge was to show two levels of information: an overview of all the classes available as well as each individual class. All instructors submitted screens of various sizes, content, and aesthetics—the interface needed to visually tie all the various materials into one experience.

My approach was to create a standalone flash player that could be easily be launched into full screen. The overlying dynamic interface could be accessed at anytime with touch. The overlying menu allows users to access a particular class for viewing. In addition, when not in use, the interface would timeout into two dynamic visual layers: an ongoing slide show of classes, overlaid with a dynamic layer that visually played with the menu format.

Screens from Kiosk

interactive flash sample —loading time required—due to file size, only 'menu' button works. (sorry iphone/ipad users, it's not in html5...)

Operational & updated every semester from 2005-2007

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