OneTouch Verio IQ
Icon and Animation Design

Johnson & Johnson is an American multinational medical devices, pharmaceutical and consumer packaged goods manufacturer founded in 1886. Their in-house design group, Global Strategy and Design Office, handles all internal design of Johnson & Johnson products—including OneTouch, a blood glucose monitoring products.

I was approached in 2009 about designing a set of icons for use in the OneTouch product line.

Roles throughout project: illustration, storyboard, graphic design, and interface design

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At the time, glucose monitors were the visual equivalent of stop watches or digital kitchen timers. Starting with Verio IQ, Johnson & Johnson saw the opportunity to introduce a new icon language for their products and services.

Focusing on the type of information that users need to access, we drew upon metaphors that would work across various platforms, display types, and of course, at different sizes. In addition to icons, my task included creating storyboards for instructional animation on screen.

icon explorations
tiered icon set, from one color to full color
key screen states
animation storyboard
launched 2012

creative director: lisa nugent
project manager: miya osaki

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