Samsung’s ROVA
Next Generation Smart Robot Vacuum
Product Development

ROVA stands for robot vacuum. For this project, Samsung asked Chris Bangle, former chef creative officer of BMW, to explore near term and advanced product concepts for the home.

My role, as UX design lead and project co-lead, was to co-lead the project and team members in developing the key user experience. What this entailed was co-leading the team through brainstorm sessions, exploring and conceptualizing interaction methods, designing the interface, and leading outside agencies in developing visuals and prototypes.

Space for workshop

SYMBIO: 3-day Brainstorm Workshop to generate product concepts

To assist us in generating concepts, I organized and lead a 3-day brainstorming workshop with a core team (Kat Lee, Soo Kwon, and Rich Overcash.) We enlisted 25+ ID & UX designers, thinkers, tinkerers from within our studio and partnering studios to collaborate in brainstorming and ideation activities.

This involved: defining the framework for investigation as well as designing all materials and activities to initiate discussion and inspiration.

What we did

Each day, we divided participants into groups and with our ideation tools, we set aside the morning for groups to discuss, ideate, and brainstorm around a challenge for the day.

To focus on the product experience, we then spent the afternoon building and filming the various ideas. At the end of each day, we would have a pre-screening, where each group would share their videos.

Clustering brainstorm outcomes into product opportunities
Bangle leading a workshop in SF

Product Focus

The outcome of the workshop was then packaged and shared with the global team that comprised of members from the design groups headquarters in Seoul and Chris Bangle Associates in Italy. Through a series of work sessions in Italy, Seoul, and San Francisco, Chris then led the team in synthesizing, filtering, and finalizing key product concepts that charted a course from near term to long term development.

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Creative director: Chris Bangle
US Team: Maria Moon (UX) Rich Overcash (ID), Soo Kwon Paik (ID), and Katherine Lee (Design Strategy)
Participants: 25+ designers, engineers and programmers from Samsung Design America and Samsung Product Innovation Team

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