Process Documentation Book

Neutrogena is a beauty and skincare product company headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. In 2010, the in-house design office held an ‘Off-site’ workshop with Continuum in Venice, CA. Over two days, the in-house group brainstormed and explored ways to better restructure workflow and design development. In order to document and share the workshop with the organization, Neutrogena wanted documentation that would not only capture the two days but also be something that the designers could use as a resource.

Roles through project: graphic design, illustration, and editor

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With post-its, photographs, and notes scrawled out on large notepads, my task was to organize and create a system where end viewers can easily turn to a section as well as access key diagrams and discussion notes. To reflect the playful spirit of the event, the documentation book incorporates foldouts for the end users to unfold to see photographs or maps that deserved larger real estate.

book documenting offsite event

Offsite Event & Artifacts

Final Documentation Book

project manager: laura dye

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