Chef Collection Range Product Experience

Samsung Design America is a global design branch office of Samsung Electronics. The purpose of the office is to innovate and introduce near-term and advance product concepts that will drive and influence product and design development for production and long term product planning.

This project was aimed at improving the existing interface of what is called a ‘slide-in’ range that had the added capability of a flexible oven space.

The final interface was officially launched in 2013 as part of Samsung’s Chef Collection.

Roles throughout project: graphic design, interface design, experience design, design strategy (support) and design research

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The oven space can be divided as needed into two compartments—which was completely new to the product category.

We decided to approach the project by looking at what the experience of the product needed to deliver. Starting with competitive analysis and a lot of hands on cooking—we had a good start in thinking about how to design the interface. Working with Karten Design, we were able to test and evaluate our hypothesis with both everyday and expert users.

Getting Hands-on

In-home research participant
Cooking with Chef Jordan in SF!
design strategy for interface solution

Usability Testing

First peek at hardware off the assembly-line

Final Product, launched June 2013

launched june 2013
video by Samsung

project manager: solyung kim
design strategy: ryutaro sakai and yekyoung yoo
hq design counterpart: joonho lee

International Design Society of America,
International Design Excellence Award Finalist in Digital Design

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