Medical device for neuromodulation

Johnson & Johnson is an American multinational medical devices, pharmaceutical and consumer packaged goods manufacturer founded in 1886. In 2012, Johnson & Johnson was preparing the launch of a new device, VERV, a patient Managed Neuromodulation System. VERV is a non invasive, self-operated device for treating overactive bladder syndrome. It consists of a patch to be placed on the lower back, a placement tool and a remote control. The system stimulates the sacral nerves to control the contractions of bladder muscles.

Roles throughout project: illustration, graphic design, and flash programming

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I was asked to assist in visual communications to quickly help explain what VERV does for patients and physicians. For patients, The approach I took was to illustrate the key experience in a visually friendly way that focused on the experience, while, for physicians and providers, the approach was more diagrammatic to explain what was happening. To help test the device, I was asked to develop an onscreen interactive prototype that the internal Johnson & Johnson team created.

Prototype of interface for usability testing, with working '+/–'. Press blue area to start.

Visualization of neuro signals used in VERV

Diagram to inform patients of how VERV works

Diagram to inform physicians of how VERV works

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